Beads are back!

Have you tried our Bead Art craft kits? We have six colourful designs to bead up and bring to life. We've made it super easy with guide lines and self-adhesive beads that peel off in strips, so there's no fiddling around with one bead at a time. The end result is really nice and best of mess! Check out the pictures below to help you through the activity.

So anyway we just had to scratch...

Check out these pics for a bit of scratch art inspiration. It's such a fun process and like scratching, once you start, you can't stop!

Have you tried our Water Colour Activity Book?

Our new water colour activity book let's you try out your painting skills without all the mess of paint pots and mixing trays to clean up afterwards. Each page has a new design and a new set of colours, just dip your brush in water, mix it with the paint swatch and start painting. It's easy, but remember the best way to get nice colours is to keep your water clean, so change it as you go. Have fun:)